Elephant Planters // Giraffe Planters // Air Plants

Air Plant Living in a Spiral Shell

DIY Himmeli DELTA small

Geometric planters, set of air plant holders, book shelf mini planter, mini desk planter

Concrete Copper Cube Planter Set of 3 Small Pots, Geometric Concrete Planter or organizer cups, modern decor, gift set, concrete decor

Tillandsia Ornaments, air plant ornaments, air plant hangers, hanging plants

Deer Head Wall Planter, Animal Head, Wall Planter, Concrete, Cement, Air Plant, Succulent

Wood Sphere Paint-Dipped Magnets with Air Plant; Living Magnet; Neodymium; Dipped; Dip Dyed; Home Decor; Desk Accessory; Cubical; Gift

Ceramic Air Plant Holder

Geometric Succulent Cactus Planter (Plant not included)

Hanging Air Plant Cradle (tm) - Natural White Earthenware Planter Vase

Copper + Cement Air Plant Holder | Air Plant Wall Holder | Copper | Planter | Hanging Air Plant Holder | Modern Hanging Planter | Air Plant

Wheel Thrown Ceramic Wreath Wall Planter in Hazelnut Brown.  Living Wreath for Air Plants.

Three air-plant wall baskets with handles. Airplant holders, crocheted wall hangings. Speckled yarn.

Teeny Tiny Air Plant Urchin Planter Set with Air Plants  -  Peach, Teal, Aqua, Greens, Blues, Apricot

Air Plant Bubble. Llama Fibre Planter. Hanging Planter. Air plant planter. Valentine's Day Gift


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